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Ben Gould

Lightning over The Pearl on 19 March 2017

Qatar’s residents have gotten used to rainy weather of late, but last night’s thunder and lightning was still something special.

As Doha’s skies lit up just before 9pm last night, many residents stepped outdoors to capture the moment.

“The lightning lasted for probably 20 minutes,” Ben Gould who was over at the Pearl-Qatar told Doha News.

“It’s a cliché to say, it but it WAS amazing and it’s the first time I’ve really focused on the sky for any length of time and the lightning was coming in thick and fast,” he added.

Meanwhile, fellow resident Susie Billings shared this image on Twitter of lightning appearing to strike earth in the distance:

And Rhonda Allam took this video from her table at Damasca One in Souq Waqif:

This morning, Pearl resident Anna said that she’d spotted some damage following the storm:

Rain was forecast in Qatar through Tuesday, including thunderstorms tonight.

But after a tumultuous few days, the meteorology department said to expect “slight dust and partly cloudy with weak chance of light scattered rain at places at first” tomorrow.

Did you take any photos or videos last night? We’d love to see them! Thoughts?

Lightning over Doha

Adnan Chatriwala / Doha News

Lightning over Doha

Updated at 8:45pm with information about flooding and MIA Park incident

With thunderstorms imminent over Qatar, many residents are looking to the skies tonight, checking out a spectacular lightning show over Doha.

Lightning show dazzles Qatar residents as storms move in. Video by @kamahlaje #doha #qatar #rain

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According to the local meteorology department, strong winds and rain are expected tonight and will continue tomorrow, stabilizing by Friday evening.

Some parts of the country are already seeing rain tonight:

There are also various reports of hail sightings around the country:


As the rains moved in, some residents have complained about leaking roofs in their homes, while others observed flooding on the roads.

And the strong winds put a damper on the Indian Cultural Centre’s festival at the MIA Park, after several tents collapsed:

One witness said emergency responders are evacuating the area, but it is unclear if anyone has been hurt.

What are you seeing outside? Thoughts?

The ongoing “unstable” weather in Qatar is yielding some of nature’s most beautiful displays, including a lightning show last night.

More thunderstorms may be on the way this weekend, forecasters have said.

Speaking to Doha News, a forecaster at the Qatar Meteorology Department said light rain is expected to begin falling again in the south of the country later this morning. He said heavier rain and thunderstorms should move into Doha by the afternoon.

On Twitter, the MET also warned sea-goers about high winds, and forecast the day’s temperatures to be between 22C (72F) and 27C (81F).

Steff Gaulter, senior meteorologist for Al Jazeera English, reminds residents that rain is typical for this time of the year:

This is because of a deepening low pressure from the northwest of the Arabian peninsula, the MET explained in a statement on its website:

All of the above is in sync with a cold air mass in the upper air levels which helps in the formation of clouds.

Towards the end of the instability northwesterly winds will start to affect the area from mid Friday with fresh to strong speeds which leads to high seas offshore, the temperatures will be between 28-32 deg c and this around it is normal averages.

When it rained heavily last week, parts of Salwa Road flooded, causing traffic snarls across the city. This time, the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has released an emergency contact list in the event of flooding:

Translation: 1) Doha 2) Al Rayyan 3) Al Wakrah 4) Um Salal 5) Al Khor & Al Dhakira 6) Dhayan 7) Al Shamal

Are you looking forward to more rain? Thoughts?