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Petrol prices in Qatar will remain unchanged next month, government officials have announced.

For the second month in a row, premium petrol (91-octane) will cost QR1.60/liter in May.

And 95-octane super gasoline will also remain at the current prices of QR1.70/liter, the Ministry of Energy and Industry said today.


May 2017 petrol prices

Additionally, diesel will hold steady for the first time after five consecutive increases at QR1.60/liter.


The May prices will likely come as a relief to some motorists, who saw the cost of petrol go up for five consecutive months from November 2016 to March 2017.

But the news may disappoint others, as the price of fuel has yet to drop once this year.

Since Qatar first began fluctuating fuel prices last June, they have increased more than 30 percent for petrol.

Diesel has also seen a 10 percent jump.



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Customers won’t have to pay more for fuel in Qatar next month, unless they’re buying diesel.

After five consecutive months of hikes, authorities are keeping the cost of premium petrol (91-octane) at QR1.60/liter.

And the cost of 95-octane super gasoline will also remain at the current prices of QR1.70/liter.


April petrol prices

However, diesel will see an increase to QR1.60 from QR1.55/liter.

Elsewhere, fuel costs are going down in the UAE next month for the first time in 2017.

Since Qatar first began fluctuating fuel prices last June, they have increased more than 30 percent for petrol. Diesel has also seen a 10 percent jump.

Rising costs

The rising prices have caused anxiety in several circles, including many taxi drivers who have seen earnings eaten up by fuel costs.

On social media, citizens have also been expressing their dissatisfaction with the increases.

Some have asked for an explanation and rationale behind the hikes, but no answers have yet been offered publicly.

On the plus side, fuel costs have not caused inflation to rise much.

However, the cost of living in Qatar is likely to go up further after a new selective tax takes effect within the next few months.

According to officials, the tax will be on luxury items (such as alcohol), as well as fast food, tobacco and things that harm the environment.


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Fuel prices in Qatar will increase in March for the fifth straight month, the Ministry of Energy and Industry has announced.

Starting on Wednesday (March 1), the cost of 91-octane, premium grade fuel will be QR1.60/liter, up 5 dirhams from current prices.

The cost of 95-octane super gasoline will also go up by 5 dirhams to QR1.70/liter. And diesel will see a 5-dirham increase to 1.55/liter.


March petrol prices

Qatar first began pegging fuel prices to the global market last June.

Since then, prices have increased more than 30 percent for petrol (taking March into account). Diesel is also seeing a 10 percent jump.

Reduced subsidies

The rising fuel prices come as Qatar contends with an expected budget deficit of QR28.3 billion ($7.8 billion) this year.

Acknowledging the new reality of lower oil prices, the government has been reducing subsidies on fuel and also utilities such as electricity and water.

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Plans are also afoot to introduce a new “selective tax” on junk food and luxury goods this year, and a value-added tax next year to boost revenue.

For residents, higher fuel costs have so far been offset by falling prices of food, according to the monthly Consumer Price Index.

But it is unclear how long inflation will remain low once the new taxes are imposed.