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Qatar’s Islamic Affairs ministry (Awqaf) is asking Muslims in Qatar to look to the sky tonight (Thursday) after sunset to try to spot the new moon.

In a statement posted on its social media pages, Awqaf said anyone who sees the crescent should head to their headquarters in Dafna to report his/her testimony.

If the moon is spotted today, that means Ramadan has begun, and Friday, May 26 will be the first day of fasting.

If it’s not seen, then Saturday, May 27 will be the first day of fasting.

This will mean different working hours for most people, and the closure of many restaurants and coffee shops during the daytime.

For those who need a refresher course, here are some things to know about Ramadan in Qatar.


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Residents who wish to perform Hajj this year from Qatar can apply for visas online starting tomorrow, government officials have announced.

The pilgrimage, which a Muslim is required to perform at least once in his or her lifetime, will take place at the end of August and beginning of September.

The registration process launches online here at 8:30am tomorrow.

It runs until 11:59pm on March 30, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) said this week.

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Pilgrims at Mt. Arafah during Hajj

Each year, people are chosen through an electronic drawing and informed via text message.

Last year, some 18,400 people in Qatar applied for 1,200 spots. Of those, 900 were reserved for nationals.

However, that might change. Saudi Arabia is expected to increase quotas for visitors starting this year, because construction work is winding down.


According to QNA, Qataris who wish to go to Hajj should be at least 18 years old, or 16 if accompanied by an adult.

Expats must be 18 years or older. They should have lived in Qatar for at least three years and not performed Hajj in the past five years.

Females who are not traveling with close male relatives must be at least 45 years old, as per rules set by Saudi Hajj officials.

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Qatar residents who aren’t approved to go to Hajj from Doha can still apply through their home countries, through the Saudi embassies there.

In this case, applicants would also have to travel to Saudi Arabia from their home country (not Qatar) and be part of a local Hajj company from that nation.

Anyone with Hajj-related questions in Qatar can call a special hotline at 132 during “business hours,” QNA reports.


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A committee will meet on Monday after sunset to look for the crescent moon, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) has announced.

Muslims are encouraged to visit the ministry’s offices in West Bay to give testimony if they see the crescent.

The new moon signifies the beginning of the Islamic month of Shawaal, the first day of Eid and thus the end of Ramadan.

Eid celebrations

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Eid celebrations

If it is not spotted on Monday evening, then Tuesday will be a fasting day, and Eid Al Fitr will be on Wednesday, July 6, QNA stated.

An announcement about which day Eid will start will be made after sunset on Monday.


Supermarkets, tailors and malls have been overloaded with shoppers this weekend in the run-up to Eid, as people rush to buy new outfits, gifts and food for parties.

To that effect, Hamad Medical Corp. is urging residents not to overeat during the holiday.

In a statement this week, Dr. Saad Al Nuaimi, senior consultant of Emergency Medicine, said:

“The body becomes accustomed to a prolonged period of fasting during Ramadan and the transition from ‘fast’ to ‘feast’ can have adverse effects on one’s health.”

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He added:

“Unfortunately, many people tend to overload their stomach with unhealthy food and soft drinks during Eid celebrations. As a result, we often notice (a) rise in number of patients seeking emergency treatment for gastric issues such as nausea, vomiting, stomach upset and indigestion at Hamad General Hospital’s Emergency Department.”

To stay out of the ER this Eid, Al Nuaimi advised eating healthy foods, not skipping breakfast and not over-doing it with soda.


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