Qatari teen with disabilities performs umrah by walking on his hands

Ghanim Al Muftah/Instagram

Ghanim Al Muftah

A Qatari teenager has made waves in Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah this week by walking on his hands instead of using a wheelchair.

Ninth-grader Ghanim Al Muftah, 14, was born without three-quarters of his body.

According to Khaleej Times, he has Caudal Regression Syndrome, a rare disorder that impairs the development of the lower spine.

الجزء الثالث . . . . السعادة في طاعة الله … دوما لك الحمد يا الله

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Ghanim went to Makkah recently as a guest of Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the board of a Saudi tourism commission, local media reported.

There, he and his family performed the lesser pilgrimage on Friday with the help of a security detail.

Viral videos

On social media, several video clips of Ghanim during his journey have gone viral.

They show him doing tawaf (going around the Kaaba) on his hands, being hoisted to kiss the revered black stone embedded in one of its corners and meeting with the Grand Mosque’s Imam Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly.

الجزء الثاني . . . . فجأة وجدت نفسي عاجزا عن الكلام ماذا أقول والصوت صوت إمام المسجد الحرام فضيلة الشيخ الحبيب ماهر المعيقلي حفظه الله.. الذي طالما لامس القلوب بصوته الجميل وكنت دوما أستمع إليه لكنني لم أتوقع مقابلته فلما كان اللقاء نسيت كل الحروف … . . . نعم كانت وقفة قصيرة لكنني تعلمت منها الكثير واستفدت منها دروس أعظمها " التواضع " ومحبة الآخرين وهذا ما تعلمناه من ديننا الإسلامي الحنيف … . .

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The official could be seen waiting for the teen to complete his prayers before kneeling down to kiss and greet Ghanim.

Ghanim is renowned in Qatar as an inspiring role model for facing down his physical challenges.

In addition to scuba diving and skateboarding, he is also an entrepreneur, and owns ice cream chain Gharissa.


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